2010: Paintings for the stage setting in the opera “The Scene of the Miracles” of G.Kouroupos, dir. by V.Theodoropoulos, s.d. A.Daglidis, Athens Music Hall.

2009:  Paintings for the stage setting in the theatrical play “Zoi s’elogou mas”, directed by Papathanassiou-Reppas

2008: Paintings for decoration in the  film production «Ricordi mi» of Stella Theodorakis.

2008: Paintings for the stage-setting, «The Lying Kind» of Anthony Nielson, Municipality of N.Psichico.

2008: Paintings for the stage-setting for the movie «Afstiros Katallilo», directed by Papathanasiou and Reppas,

2008: Paintings for the decoration of the television-serial ‘O Pseftis Pappous’,(Ert production).

2007: Assistant St.Designer in advertising spots.

2003: Stage designing and constructions for « Kazimir and Carolina», of F.Horvat, Cleo Theatre, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2002:  Stage-Setting for 3/one-act Plays,by F.G.Lorca, ‘Para thin’allos’, military camp ΚΟDRA, for the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

11/09/2013 – 04/11/2013 Ioannis Gavriil “Roma” E develisko Hurde” (Photography) Hoxton, Gazi

05/06/2013 – 10/09/2013 Dimitris Miliotis, “Balances” (Etching) Hoxton, Gazi

10/04/2013 – 04/06/2013 Petros Poulopoulos, “Nudity”(Photography) Hoxton, Gazi

13/02/2013 – 09/04/2013 Giorgos Pantoulas “7” (Digital painting) Hoxton, Gazi

20/12/12-12/02/13 Group Exhibition, Need for Change, Hoxton, Gazi

24/10/12-18/12/12 Chryssa Art,”.In.Sane”(photography), Hoxton, Gazi

27/06/12-04/09/12 Dimitris Dokos, “Post Nature” (street art), Hoxton, Gazi

16/05/12-26/06/12 DON40, BLAQK, BOOHAHA KAI LUNE, “Share”(painting), Hoxton, Gazi

28/03/12-15/05/12 Taxiarhis Mermiris, “PASSIVE – AGGRESSIVE”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

08/02/12-27/03/12 Stella Mouzi – “Selfportrait”, (photography), Hoxton, Gazi

21/12/11-07/02/12 Eleftheri spoudi fotografias Peiraikou syndesmou, “Anthropoi-Skies kai Xnaria”, (photography), Hoxton, Gazi

02/11/11-20/12/11 Kostas Lavdas, “To etero mou 3/4”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

14/09/11-01/11/11 Pupet and Spark, “FALLin’ Irony”, (street art), Hoxton, Gazi

22/06/11-06/09/11 Petros Poulopoulos,”Made in Japan”, (photography), Hoxton, Gazi

04/05/11-21/06/11 Dimitra Papadimitropoulou, “S.P.R.I.N.G’11″, (artistic objects and lamps), Hoxton, Gazi

16/03/11-03/05/11 Sonke,”Poor lovers”, (street art), Hoxton, Gazi

26/01/11-15/03/11 Alexandros Mavropoulos-Kelly Athanasiadou Chioti, “Anonymoi”, (photography – sculptures), Hoxton, Gazi

03/11/10-11/01/11 Eliza Moschopoulou, “Partments”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

16/09/10-02/11/10 Chara Adamopoulou,”Ekfraseis”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

01/07/10-15/09/10 Paris Sargologos,”Paris Sargologos in Hoxton”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

13/05/10-30/06/10 Kyriaki Kyrmou, “…30 years ago”, (painting), Hoxton, Gazi

24/03/10-12/05/10 Loretta Tsavaki, “Now…the two of us”(painting), Hoxton, Gazi

27/01/10-23/03/10 Konstadina Stavrou, “Animal Stories”(painting), Hoxton, Gazi