2022   Stick, Stack, Stuck , Galeria Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon, Portugal

2021    “From East to East” Contemporary Printmaking Art Exchange Exhibition, Art Space of Cultural Center, Beilun District, Ningbo, China

2021     “1821, Perspective of a Revolution”, War Museum of Athens, Greece

2019    ” Artists are the New Athletes ” , The Edit Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

2018   ” WunderKammer I: Liquid Form ” Esbjerg Art Museum, Esbjerg, Denmark

2018      Biennale of Western Balkans ” Weaving Europe/Weaving Balkans ” curated by Dr.Efi Kyprianidou, Mekio, Ioannina, Greece

2017     “Les Temps Fluides”, Nikos Gyftakis’ solo exhibition, Trait Noir gallery, Fribourg, Switzerland

2017     “Weaving Europe: The world as meditation”curated by Dr.Efi Kyprianidou, Pafos17 – European Capital of Culture, Attikon, Pafos, Cyprus

2017     ” The Experience of Dreaming ” curated by Yiannis Kolokotronis, Tsichritzis Visual Arts Foundation, Athens, Greece

2016     “Landscape: How nature can fit into an image?”, Nikos Gyftakis and Christos Avraam, Gloria gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2016     ArtAthina 2016 Platform Project, Compassion “The waiting room” , curated by Dr.Efi Kyprianidou, Greece

2016    “4 Years ArtWall”, curated by Fotini Kapiris, ArtWall, Athens, Greece

2015     “Compassion: on the phenomenology of being ill”, curated by Dr. E.Kyprianidou & P. Monogiou, Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2015      “The levels of Decay”, curated by Christos Soularis, Artwall Roject Space, Athens, Greece

2014      “Ante Mortem”, curated by Vagiti Ultimi, Atri, Abruzzo, Italy

2014       EFCNI, “Socks for Life ’14”, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

2014      “Ground Zero”, curated by K.Athanasiadou & A.Zolotakis, Camp, Athens, Greece

2014       “Lost And Found”, curated by Michelangelo Bevilacqua, Back to Athens 2014, Pindaros, Athens, Greece

2014       “Athinas Str.”, curated by Loretta Tsavaki, dedicated to M.Hadzidakis, Pindaros, Athens, Greece

2014        Grekland Panorama with Island Colours in Annexet, Globen, Stockholm, Sweden

2014        Europahuset, “Portraits and landscapes of Greece”, cultural opening of the Greek EU Presidency, Stockholm

2013        Remap 04, “Homo Universalis Revisited”, Sept.13, curated by M.Papaioannou-M.Dialektaki, Athens, Greece

2013       “Metheortia”, Οκτ.13, curated by M.Efstathiou, C.M.C of Cyprus, Athens, Greece

2013        Projeto Mural Templuz, Nikos Gyftakis’ Self Portrait, Street Exhibition, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

2012        Hoxton,”Need for Change”, Dec.12 – Feb.13. Athens, Greece

2012        12 Young Artists VI, from Anagnoseis of the”Augi” newspaper, Melina, C.M.C, Athens, Greece

2011         Kastela Art Center,”Crisis? What crisis?!”, Peireus, Greece 2011 Aeanaon Gallery, First Page, Athens, Greece

2010       “Liquid Friends”, Solo Exhibition, Ermoupolia 2010, Em.Roidis Hall, Erhoupolis, Syros isl. Greece

2009         Central House of Artists, State Tretyakov Gallery, Dec.09, Moscow, Russia

2009        Technopolis, Gazi,”The human Figure in Art”, EETE, Dec.09, Athens, Greece

2007        “Nikos Gyftakis: Μasks and Facades”, Solo Exhibition, Aggelon Vima gallery, Athens, Greece

2007        “Faces” , Nikos Gyftakis, Solo Exhibition, Hoxton, Gazi, Athens, Greece

2005         School of Fine Arts Group Exhibition, Α.Π.Θ, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki., Greece

2005          Young Artists at Tellogleion, Tellogleio Foundation of Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece